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A Sound Reference to the IPA

An active chart with embedded sound

 Consonants (pulmonic)   Consonants (non-pulmonic)   Vowels   Other symbols 

 Suprasegmentals   Tones & word accents   Diacritics 

This is an active version of the reproduction of the International Phonetic Alphabet. The chart is split into its seven sections, staying typographically close to the familiar layout. However, these sections sport clickable symbols, each symbol linking to a canonical rendition of the sound.

We also have a Norwegian version: Norske språklyder.

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This service brought to you by: Kristian Skarbø and Jørn Almberg with great support from Arne Kjell Foldvik.

Thanks to:
Professor J.C. Wells, Department of Phonetics and Linguistics, University College London, kindly permitted the use of sounds from the recording The Sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet in these pages.

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